Types of Fart Smell from a Woman's Ass

Though it has been proved that women leave SBD farts with have more hydrogen sulfide in them giving that sharp, rotten egg odor, there are different types of fart smells that can come from the ass crack of a woman. Here are some of the really kinky puskis.

Tell us which is your favorite fart smell from a woman's butt -

1. Rotten Egg - this is a killer silent but deadly fart that can hypnotize a fart fetish. It is super sexy, really kinky and so sharp enough to make your nose hair burn. When a woman farts with a rotten egg odor, it has a dominating quality to it.

2. Cabbage farts - This type of fart smell is deep, deadly and disgusting. Smells like decayed cabbage and is potent enough to make you reach for your nose

 3. Wafer farts - This one smells like a box of wafers open, sure it smells and makes it own statement.

4. Burnt Coffee - This fart odor is unique and can make you look directly at the ass of the girl in question So what type of female fart turns you on ?


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