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When I was 18 my girlfriend and I decided to backpack camp for a week during the summer. We both loved the out doors but had never camped out together in the 6 months that we had been going out. The first day was great we rested lots and snacked the whole day before pitching the tent for the night. At about 10:30 we went to bed and I fell asleep right away. I was awoken in the middle of the night to her moaning. Apartently she had an upset ????, no doubt from the snacking. It became more and more uncomfortable for her and she admitted that she hadn't pooped for several days. I suggested that she go out and find a comfy spot to try and poop. She reluctantly asked if I would come to keep her company in the dark.

Grabbing our flashlights we headed out. About 25 feet from the tent was a fallen tree, pulling her shorts down, she sat on it with her bum over the backside. She was obviously nervous never having pooped in front of some because she couldn't relax. I told her that it was okay ghat everyone poops and if it made her feel any better that I would pull my pants down and sit beside her and try to poop. That made her much more comfortable because after a minute or so of chatting an enormous fart echoed in the night and was like thunder. I could almost see her embarrassment in the dark as the smell of her fart wafted up. I was wondering how bad her poop would smell! To ease her embarrassment I started to push a bit and let out a fart. Through the next few minutes she would pause while talking to push. In the meantime I managed to push out a sizable poop that was fairly firm and not too smelly. That was all she needed, as soon as my poop was finished I could hear her poop starting to make it's way out of her rectum. I could hear the crackling sounds and a bit of gas as she continued to push with all her might. That lasted for over a minute and a half and finally a thump as it landed on the ground. As we talked I noticed that her voice was more natural and relaxed. A second, third and fourth thuds were audible as the rest of her poop exited her anus. With that we both wiped and got back in the tent. She said thanks for being so kind as to help ease her anxiety about pooping beside someone. Her poop was pretty stinky but I never let on that I thought so. In the morning I woke first and had to pee. Remembering our nocturnal bowel movements I walked over to have a look at what her bum produced. What I saw nearly made me gasp! LOL!

Her poop was HUGE! gigantic enormous! The first log was easily 12-14 inches long and very fat. The other 3 big probably all between 6-10 inches long and almost as thick! My poop looked like a spaghetti noodle only 2 feet away!!!! I couldn't believe that a girl so pretty and petite could even begin to hold all that poop!!! WOW!
Three times more that week we pooped beside each other and talked about life and all that. Her poops were always quite large but never as big as the first one. We even got to the point where we would examine each others poops and look for what we had for supper the night before!

She went to college the following September and I saw her once a month till Christmas time then only once again at March break. She decided to stay and live in the city and got a job there. I miss her. I often remember that first night and how close we felt to each other.
Good memories!!!


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