Fart Fetish Story - Woman Farts from Sexy Ass, Man Sniffs

Here is a real fart fetish story which may end in a love story.
Ritesh was feating his eyes on a female colleague's ass but managed to smell her fart. An ass lover, this woman had a sexy ass which can fart real offensive ones. Once he was talking to her, his phone capturing her ass so that he could masturbate to her butt in the night. But wonder of wonders, this sexy woman had not taken a shit since she had come early in the office. She was trying her best to supress her fart but then the airy missile wanted to force its way out of her big butt. She discreetly tried to supress the sound in front of her boss (Ritesh) but manage to trail a mild sound which was evident. However, the fart carried the most potent smell possible that funked up his nose and made his cock real hard.

The girl was wondering as to why he was not leaving the place and was embrassed that her fart had made him turn green. But little did she know, that her boos had a fart fetish who was addicted to her curvy ass and slaved to her kinky smelling fart. Ritesh kept on sniffing her fart, wishing that she had farted on her face instead. The smell stank of rotten eggs.  Once the lingering fart smell faded, the sexy lady excused herself because she had to take a shit. She went to the ladies room to download while Ritesh went to the gents room to masturbate to the most wicked fart smell he had sniffed. Damn, he wanted to marry her because if a woman farts this way everyday, he was sure to fuck her five times a day. And given that a charmer Ritesh she was, the girl will agree, unknowing that her fart turned him on so bad.


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