Alexis Texas Naked Ass Farting on Face

Alexis Texas naked ass farting can be one of the kinkiest things in the world. The woman with the sexiest ass in the world, arguably, Alexia Texas likes to smother men in her ass. Would you like to sniff the fart of Alexia Texas, your nose shoved right in those massive sexy butt cheeks of Alexia Texas.

Alexis Texas comes near me and strips her panties, offering her royal sexy, fuckable mega ass. But before you fuck her ass, she reminds you that it is morning and she has to go for a shit. But you are horny anticpating that she would leave some lusty farts. Alexia Texas knows that you are her ass slave, hungry to eat her shit, horny to smell her fart.

Alexia places her big bum in front of your face. You part her luscious ass cheeks and stick your tongue in her starfish shaped asshole. Though she is horny and massaging her clit, as you stick your tongue in her dirt, she knows that she has to go pooping. A fart is coming her way but you are busy tasting Alexis Texas' gaand, enjoying the warmth of her big ass. She moans approving as you tongue fuck her.

"Please babe, I have got to fart" Alexis announces, wishing that you remove your nose. You take your mouth from her ass, look at her and say :Fart Alexis, fart on my face" She winks, rubs her ass on your face, till you settle your nose. Alexis Texas farts, a loud one a baritone from her asshole then whimpers towards the end. An eggy smell hits your nose, yes Alexis Texas farts are pure hydrogen sulfide, made for making your dick steel hard. Sexy fart from a real sexy ass."You okay in there?" she giggles. Undaunted by the demystifying smell, you lick her ass and stick her nose to sniff her fart from her naked ass.

Alexis Texas leaves another fart, silent but deadly reeking of rotten eggs and cum of aother man that ws trapped in her bowels. That fart is so stinky, so kinky that you feel your dick almost ejaculating on its own. Alexia teases "Told you I have got a bad ass and my farts can hypnotise" You agree that Alexia Texas's farts work like drug, only much harmless. She cums from the oral ministraions in her ass and seeing your helplessly, horny condition, she blows you as you cum in gallons.

Alexis ties her hair and says, "Let me take a shit and then you can fuck my ass" She leaves you as you sniff Alexia Texas's fart from her big ass that still funks up the room, lingering for minutes. What is your fart fantasy for big ass Alexis Texas?


Bren said...

I am very interested in having a position like the man in the picture. How can I go about getting into fart photos and films for yoi guys. If you are not interested at the time or do not have a position available can you at leas give me direction how to get into this please? Thank you

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