Woman shitting pictures,Turds Photos of girls shitting

Check out women shitting turds in toilets and outside. Watching a woman shit can be quite erotic, specially those thick, meaty turds. It looks as if a penis is coming out of her ass every morning and evening. Look at the woman's asshole before she shit, her anus winks goes open and close and then it opens as a sexy woman turd comes out, majestic thick and long. She farts noisily, waits and soon another big turd meets the first one. She keeps on thinking about things to do while her anus calculates, releasing turd after turd with eggy farts punctuated between. Finally, when she is done, the woman looks at her shit load, makes a disgusting face and wonders how she could leave such a big load of shit. The sexy woman secretly enjoys watching the creation that her asshole released, flushes and leaves, stinking the air with her funky shit smell.


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