women's ass tight dress for fart on your face

Which is the best dress to sniff a woman's farts in. Here are the options:

1. Tight jeans that hug the ass well and leave some gasses trapped. Imagine this girl putting her tight ass jeans on your face and farting.

2. Hot shorts that look very enticing on apple bottoms

3. Hot pants that ride up the ass and look very erotic. Think Kylie Minogue farting on your face
4. Butt hugging gowns, remember Pippa Middleton's fart fantasy?
5. Mini skirt for the fart to flow freely. When a big ass girl like Kim Kardashian wear a mini skirt and farts on your face, it is nirvana

6. Leather pants for farts to have a mixed, kinky smell. Megan Fox farted in leather pants and know how raunchy it stinks.

7.  Thong panties for farts to flow without any inhibitions

8. Bikini panties for that sexy female fart. Jessica Alba farting in bikini..yeahhhh

9. Long flowing dress, tight at the ass for the sexy, smelly fart.  Wanna sniff spicy fart from the sexy goddess herself. think Monica Bellucci farting in a long ass hugging gown.

10.  Tight ass hugging leggings:: Imagine this sexy ass hugging leggings of this woman planting her butt on your face and farting.

11. Sweat pants ass farts: For a girl who has worked her ass in the gym, the butt sweats and she still has to go for a shit. In the meantime, she leaves some farts from her sweat pants, wanna sniff her fart and ass sweat?

12.  Track suits: For the girl who is jogging, with her butt moving assertively as she farts for two seconds. Would you smell the fart of a tight ass girl in track suit?

13. Tight short ass hugging dress: Imagine Kristin Stewart farting in tight ass hugging short dress

14. Sexy saree ass farts: The Indian woman planting her ass hugging saree on your face to fart. Would you smell her fart?

15. Panty ass farting: Woman with tight ass in panties farting on your face? Accept it and love it.


Anonymous said...

1 2 10 11 are my favorites because they trap the smell and allow your face to go in closer.

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