Sexy Woman Farting on Face Story

This is probably the longest long shot in the world, but I just have to publish this fantasy of mine in hopes of possibly hooking up with the woman I have for the past several years beat off fantasizing about. For most of you, I know that this may be gross, but it is my biggest turn on. For those of you who support my quest to find this woman, please post this story on every media available to you.

It has to be at least four years since I stopped off in Delaware at a mini center to get a pizza for the road. I was traveling from Maryland to Philadelphia, and after smoking a joint on the way, got a real urge for a pizza. There was a ceramic shop in the same strip, and I thought I would stop in and admire the craftsmanship while waiting for my pizza. Behind the counter was a woman around 30ish, bright red (ratty) hair, short, heavy (actually lumpy), teeth that didn't look like she owned a tooth brush, and she was giving off an unwashed odor. She was very pleasant though, and we had a nice conversation for at least 20 minutes. I got the distinct feeling, that even though she was married, she was looking for some outside activities.

She told me that she lived in Maryland, but worked there in Delaware, and that the job at the ceramic shop was just part time. Since it was Friday, and she would be opening the store the next morning, she would be staying over near the store that evening. Well, I guess it was the pot that was talking that evening, but I managed to tell her that I was in no hurry to get to Philly, and I could get the motel room. I fully expected to be ejected from the store, but to my astonishment, she said that the she would be closing in 15 minutes, and if I got the room, she would join me after she closed. I agreed and picked up the pizza and got the room. figuring I had the time, I picked up a bottle of wine and some beer (she mentioned she liked wine), and I smoked another joint of the KW I had with me. She arrived at the room just as I was finishing airing out the bathroom of the pot smoke. The pizza was still nice and warm, so we sat down and had ourselves a nice meal of pizza beer and wine. She ate like she was starving, and quickly finished three pieces before I finished one.

I asked if she would like to take a shower (since I could detect the ever growing odor she was giving off) but she informed me that she had already cleaned up at the store. In my perverted mind I wondered what it would be like between her legs. My fantasies were getting the best of me, and my cock was hard as a rock. As I snapped out of my daydream fantasy, I looked down just in time to see her unzip my jeans and take my cock in her warm mouth. Now my head was spinning, and before I knew it, I was begging for her to let me eat her out. Still sucking on my cock, she undid her pants and pulled them down. Once they were off I could really get a whiff of her body odor. It was so strong my eyes started to tear up. Strangely, her unkept appearance and her foul odor was turning me on, and I lay on my back as she swung her legs around still sucking my cock.

The stench that was coming from her cunt was incredible, and any sane man would have jumped up and ran to the bathroom to throw up, but who said I was sane. I placed my mouth on her smelly cunt and sucked it as if it were the sweetest cunt in the world, when in reality it tasted like stale piss (not that I ever tasted stale piss before). This mutual sucking must have gone on for twenty minutes or so. As she was on top of me, I had a view of her rectum just inches from my face. In my doped up condition I focused on that shriveled, disfigured and obvious shit smeared hole. The perverse thought of kissing it was so revolting that I almost blew my load in that warm mouth that was working my cock so well. The fear of cumming and "loosing the moment" was strong, so I told her to sit squarely on my face. Her mouth released my cock, and as she sat up, she engulfed my face between her ass cheeks. I moved my hands under her cheeks, spreading them and positioning her filthy anus on my mouth. My lips pressed against the foul hole and I planted a wet kiss on it. As with any kiss, my tongue was involved, and as I started licking and probing her rectum with my tongue, the bitter taste of her dried up fecal matter was leaving a vile taste in my throat.

She appeared to enjoy the attention I was bestowing on her ass, as she was moaning and groaning along with rubbing her ass on my face. All of a sudden she stopped her moaning and lifted up a bit informing me that she had to get up to go to the bathroom. The words came out of my mouth so fast and easy that it shocked me more than her. I had just asked her to use me as her commode. "Are you sure" she asked, and I (still a bit shocked as to what I just asked her) said "absolutely sure". Grabbing the laundry bag that the motel supplied, I spread it open on the bathroom floor, disrobed and lay face up with my head on the bag. The "KW" was really working overtime on my head, and my heart was pounding like a jack hammer. I had never in my life ever really did this before. I had on occasion, in my sick and perverted mind, fantasized about doing it, but could never find the right partner to service. Here was this woman of my dreams (if you know what I mean) moments away from eliminating all of her body waste in my mouth. It can't get much better than this! Words can't begin to describe the erotica I felt as I watched he cellulite covered ass descend down over my face, with the knowledge of what she was about to do. Her pee came first, and as foul as her stale piss was, this was worse. I actually think it mellowed with age. It burned like hell as it flowed down my throat. The fart that billowed out of her ass almost knocked me out, and there is no language on this earth that has a word to describe the smell of her fart. All I remember is that things started to get hazy but I managed to gain conciseness just in time to see her rectum open and the tip of a brownish green turd appearing. I must have blacked out for a short time, because the next thing I knew, my mouth had a putrid, foul smelling and tasting turd in it, and a voice from above telling me to "get ready, more is coming"! I swallowed the thick glob of her shit and kept my mouth open for more of her waste. It came out as a soft, pudding like" flow, and as I swallowed it my excitement got the best of me and I shot a load that was at least a 7 on the Richter Scale. The buzz was still going on in my head, even after I shot my wad, and I proceeded to lick he anus clean (possibly cleaner than it's ever been) after she used me.

I traveled back that way several months later, but she no longer worked there


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