Best Fart Fetish Story, Women Farting Sexy Experience

My nickname is Zibbit and I'm 20 years-old. I have a pretty laid-back family, and all of my cousins, especially the one I'm going to tell you about.

My fetish is farts. Before you say that that's nasty, I'll explain this one. Ever since I was about 8 or so I've had this thing for girls farting. It made me so horny that I would find myself vigorously masturbating after-the-fact over the sound and the smell. I think it's the overall factor of a girl (who's supposed to be so petite and cute, especially the ones who totally are) farting and having it actually smell. In a way it also astounds me somewhat. Think about it if you're a sick fuck: a pretty girl, spreading her ass and ripping a giant man-fart in your face, then listening to her giggle so cute- like. Man, it sends me over the edge! And like I said I think I discovered this when I was 8 or so. But it got better for me.

Pretty soon I was getting pretty ballsy about sneaking a whiff after a girl farted near me. Once I was playing hide-and-seek in my neighborhood (I think I was 15) and my neighbor Kendra, who was about 20, was running away after I just discovered her. As she was running away, she squeezed a tiny little fart out. Now I was just plain horny.

"Did you just fart?" I said without thinking about it.

She just looked at me and shook her Head, kinda giggling. I think she wanted me to do what I did next. She turned around and stuck her butt out a little as I walked over and got my nose as far into her ass as I could and took a deep whiff or her warm fart. We played this game maybe two more times before she moved away. It was nothing sexual on her part, it just left me a great memory to masturbate to when I got home.

And by the way, my technique is different than normal male masturbation. And it always played a great role in my future fart plans. I lay on my stomach with my underwear on, then I rub my dick through the pants moving my legs back and fourth until I cream. The orgasm is so much better than that of intercourse. It just feels more powerful, and eventually I realized I had the perfect position to try out these girls when they farted.

Around this same time I was screwing around with my cousin sister. That's natural of course, two kids who have no idea whatsoever just laying in bed masturbating with each other. Then it all happened. My sister was still rubbing when she said softly, "I have to fart." Now since we were already masturbating I figured it would be ok if I just rested my face in her crack when she farted, then be able to sniff it out and have my orgasm at the same time. Kind of the goal I was looking to achieve from day one. So that's what I did. I got behind her and put my nose right up against her asshole (which was bobbing up and down since she was also masturbating like me) and kept right on rubbing myself. I then told her to go ahead. She ripped this tiny- like "pl-pl-pl-pl-pl" which was for the most part a dry fart, but I got the scent first hand with my nose right in the source and my hand vigorously rubbing my tiny penis. I came immediately. It was easily the best thing I had ever discovered.

Now because it is just a little wrong to fuck around with my sister, I resorted to fucking around with my older cousin Melissa. Actually, we never even fucked around. I just more-or-less smelled her ass all the time! At first tried to be very discreet about it. You know, she'd be standing up somewhere and let out a quiet fart, thinking I didn't hear it. So I would wait till she turned around and then I'd go near her butt just to get a little bit of a whiff. It did enough for me. And probably the main reason I liked doing this with my cousin was that eventually she got off over what I was doing. I remember it very clearly, and what happened once was when she was watching me for the evening, I must've been 11. She was 17 or so. I didn't want to sleep by myself in the living room because I would rather sleep in her bed (she had a waterbed). She told me I could sleep in her bed but she was sleeping there too, so I'd have to deal with it. Um, fine by me. So I watched her as she got into bed and rolled over towards me and said, "Just don't pee my bed or anything." With that, she turned around and fell asleep, at least I think she did. So I waited until I could hear that really steady breathing, knowing she was asleep. I started to masturbate very quietly, hoping not to wake her up. I guess towards the end of my little session I heard a really cute sounding fart emanate from her ass! She was sleeping! And, best of all, her ass was totally near my face! I jumped at this opportunity, and knowing that she was sleeping, I put my nose in her ass immediately and started to sniff up all of her beautiful fart. Man, that one actually smelled good too! But I guess my nose was in her ass a little too long, you know, trying to savor the aftermath of it, and she woke up.

"Zibs, why are you smelling my butt?" She said it almost like she didn't care. Then she asked me more, "Um, are you masturbating?"

I was like, "Uh-huh," nose still buried in her asshole. I thought I was in deep shit, after all, most girls would freak at the fact that a guy wants to smell their ass after they farted! Especially since girls are embarrassed about that in the first place. But then came the response I never thought I'd hear.

"Well, if you wanna finish masturbating, and you wanna smell my butt, I'll just lay on my stomach and let you take care of business. I may fart though, and it might smell a little, but I'm just warning you. Whatever floats your boat."

I was in heaven! Seriously! I lost my cum right there, and my face was nowhere near her ass! So I still took advantage of it, though. I ended up just getting in position and resting my face in her soft fart-scented ass. I tried to masturbate again, but it didn't work until let a tiny fart squeak out of her ass. Then I started right up. I was going at it, sniffing her butthole every 5 seconds or so, keeping the effect realistic so I'd have a good cum, you know. But I was nearing my second orgasm, and I felt her butt bobbing up and down. I knew the waterbed wasn't doing it because the cheeks were tightening and letting out each time I felt it go up and down. Then I looked into her crotch, and found her hand rubbing her vagina. She was masturbating just like me! And in the same position! This was too unreal. I looked up at her and, knowing she was awake, asked her if I could possible rub her vagina, just to see what it feels like. She said I could do it but I couldn't tell my mom or dad about this. So I agreed and dove right in, rubbing that thing to death. She moaned softly and said, "mmmmm...uhh...I gotta fart, here it comes," and WHOOSH! Big silent fart came whooshing out of her ass, hitting my nostrils and ascending into my brain where I realized I was now gonna cum due to the fact that that smell sent me over the edge. I came in my underwear and moaned really loud. After I was done she said, "That felt really good. You can still lay down on my ass if you want."

So over the next few years, every time I saw my cousin we would have fun. Once when I was 15 she let me fuck her, but I did it without a rubber, cuz she told me it would feel a lot better. She of course farted a whole lot, and they all smelled good, and made me cum every time. She even let me cum inside her, and when she was tired she would just lay down on her back and let me dry hump her pussy mound until I felt better. Every time I did that she also got a free orgasm out of it. But my basic sexual fetish and experience all comes from my older cousin Melissa, because she showed me how to fuck and how to have a lot of fun...especially when she let me smell her ass! She still lets me do this with her when I see her, but she lives out west so it's getting harder and harder to see her. Although every time we see each other, it's an instant replay of that time when I was 11. Because we both know that it felt so good.

Over the course of time I also got pretty ballsy and actually preyed on women who I knew farted a lot. Once I got to smell one of my teacher's butts when she farted, but that story is for another time... it's a good one too.


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