Woman's Ass Shitting in Toilet Story:

 Hi Guys,
This is  Carmalita and here is a story of a woman (that's me) shitting in the toilet.. I love reading smellherfart.com and as much as I wonder how some men getting aroused on women farting, pooping, peeing...must confess it is natural and so is sex. So let us enjoy the natural feeling. I wish to write about one of my daily shitting activities in an explicit manner without being gross. So all you guys who want to read about women shitting in the toilet, here it goes.

I just took that big shit I promised you. I’m using a hand held recorder that I use for conferences. It picks up my plopping and crackling sounds good as I talk and poop. Obviously I’m all done, but I’m typing it like it’s happening right now. I hope you like it! Here’s the dictation:

I’ve just finished putting my makeup on and I’m in the bathroom now. I’ve had to take a shit for about an hour, but I held it in to let my load build up. I’m sliding my tan cargo pants and white cotton thong down just below my knees. The thong snaps against my thighs because it’s basically just a piece of butt floss. I’m wearing matching strap slides that help elevate my feet.  But I remove them all before the BIG Moment or should I say Bowel Movement.

I’m sitting on the toilet now, my brown legs spread just a little. I can feel a big load wanting to come out. Ohhhh, this one’s just for you....Uh-oh....I just farted some smelly gas. Okay, it’s crackling now. My cheeks are spreading and a big turd is poking out of my butt coming out hard and slow. I can feel the knobby thing creeping out of my butt crack. It smells like last night’s dinner. Dear Female Fart Lover, I’m imagining you here with me, smiling with that long blonde hair, gently rubbing my thighs while I grunt it out. Unnhh....unnhhhh.... I see you kneeling down in front of me, looking between my legs and s! eeing a big brown thing squishing out. Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh-it’s half way out. Uuuckk it smells too! I feel so sorry for your nose! Oooo-weee, it’s a long one.....uuuuhhhhh....there! Whew, finally! It just plopped in the toilet for you sweetie. Sausage number one. I have to brush my long, black hair out of my face, and pull it over my shoulder. I’m wearing a red sleeveless top with sheer underwire bra beneath. It has lace embrodiery, and you can see through it perfectly as it supports my two grapefruits. (I have small breasts, I hope that’s ok.) Oh....I can feel another turd coming. Ooaaaaahhh, it’s big and meaty! It stinks too, sorry sweetie.

Okay, plug your nose it’s crackling, making a real sloppy noise as it comes out....uuunnnnnnnnnhhhhh.....Man, that one felt gooooood! Instant weight loss! I just gave birth to another sausage for you, baby.. I’m not through yet, but we have to wait while I pee. Sorry about the smell hon, but I can’t help it. Little Lisa is stinky today. Ok! ay, it’s been about a minute, I can feel more poop up in there.

I’m pushing, grunting, and pushing some more. My thick, brown lips part and reveal two rows of gritted white teeth and pink gums as I push hard. Uh-oh, here it comes! Pewie! It’s a mess of soft plops! They’re crackling and spitting, making real sloppy noises as I pinch ‘em out of my brown ass! kkkrrkkkllllsssprrklll-Plooop-plop-plop-plop-pluuup-plupp-ahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh that feels so good! Man we need some lysol in here in a big way. I just polluted the place! I’m ready for some toilet paper now. Okay, big guy I can see you are hard now, real hard. Did that smell did it to you or was it the shits? Look at the cock poking in your shorts...Hmmmm, you love the dirty smell don't you?

Now I’m going to pretend that you’re wiping me. You sat through this nasty, smelly job and deserve something extra nice. Wipe between my legs first, okay? Go gently, but get in there and stop the drip....alrightie, I’m going to lean forward so you can wipe my Latina butt for me. I think it’ll take about five good wipes to get it clean. You might have to dig with your finger on the paper a little to get it up in ! there....that’s it, one more, I’m still a little sticky....Good....keep wiping me till there’s no more brown on the paper please. Done? Okay, now it’s time for me to pull my pants up and check out my load. As I pull the thong up, flossing my butt, I hitch my pants up to my waist and button them. Hmmm, good sausages like I promised, one 8 incher, the second one a good, thick 14 incher, and a large pile of semi-soft sausages. The air is brown in here, but I feel great. I hope you enjoyed me in the toilet, I know I sure did! I don’t get to do this very often for guys.



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