Fart Fetish Story: Please Fart on My Face

One of our readers sent this sexy fart fetish story from UK. I am Ramon, 22 and my sister, Cheryl is 27. She's got a great ass and a 'sniff my fart' look. I have no intention of crossing the line with her and she is just in my fantasies. I am kicked about sniffing or listening to her fart, when she does leave them in differrent occasions. Though it is not everyday, once in a while, she does fart and the effect on my dick is terrific . My sister usually laughs off or pretends that I did not hear it. But this is a story of six months ago, when I happened to sniff her silent, deadly fart.

One day, we were just having fun, joking around and laughing when suddenly, I felt Cheryl tilt her sexy ass in jeans to one side and then continue laughing. As if one cue, there was this overpowering cabbage smell and a look of discomfort on Cheryl's face as if she wanted her butt funk to not reach my nose. But the smell was putrid and raunchy and as she continued waving her fingers through her hair and smiling beautifully, I couldn't resist the contradiction of her offensive fart smell that just seemed to linger. I could feel my cock rising hard in my jeans in appreciation of that sexy fart.

I said, "Cheryl is that you?"
"Did you just fart?"
Cheryl kept a straight face'Not me, it is you, stupid'
I changed the topic and continued talking about other things. Finally, I told her that I would be leaving for a shower. Just as I reached the door, Cheryl called me, "Hey wait, listen?"
Cheryl said softly, blushing "That fart was mine."
"Told ya" I said as I left the room with a hard dick, ready to rerun the smell in my nose and masturbate. Oh how, I wish she could do an encore and fart on my face instead.


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