Female Celebrity Fart Fetish is the Biggest Fantasy

Female celebrities fart fetish is the biggest fantasy.  When you watch an actress walking with her undulating, you imagine how it would feel to the nose and the ear if she leaves a fart stealthily. Hmm..dont you just love Monica Bellucci's seductive, silent but deadly 'puski' farts that hypnotize your nose? Or big ass Kim kardashian's saxophone farts from her ass, seducing you with her anal melody. Some of us would love to sniff Briana Banks farts when we are licking her asshole. She may just be doing the favor to some of the pornstars who explore her asshole to uncomfortable limits. Whatever, it is, the survey by you clearly shows that female celebrity farts are the sexiest turnon in fart fetish.

Sniffing or hearing your girlfriend's fart is the second best turn-on, followed by the wife, which surely may be obliged albeit her knowing about your fetish. Go tell her, here is how you can let your woman know that you are turned on by her fart. Surprisingly, smelling the fart of your cousin sister and a family member comes third. The woman you just saw by chance, at a park wth a great ass is also third on the list.

The fourth is fart fetish tor a female friend or neighbor. The female office colleague is at the bottom of the list.

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Brenten said...

Hello, I have a fart fetish but it seems Im the only one who has this fetish living in Colorado. I would love to kneal down behind a woman and sniff her farts. Any one who has any advice where I can find such please reach me at Brenschy@gmail.com thank you!!

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