Women Fart on Face

When women pose with their ass projecting out, it looks like they want you to sniff their farts.These are not actual face farting pictures, but these make you more horny as if they are waving their ass near your face, and you would like to plunge your nose up their sweet ass crack and inhale their sexy fart perfumes.

Just imagine this actress, doggie style, her ass up in the air. I would like to go behind her kissing her ass and when she farts, inhale the sweet, pungent musky odor

Doggie style is good for any female ass lover and for a fart sniffer, this can be such a kinky turn on. Imagine kissing her sweet sexy ass and then inhaling her farts if she rewards you.

This is the best fart pose of a woman, she is just showing her ass to you to see it, enjoy it and when she farts the eggy raunchy odor is going to make your cock stand up and salute


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