Fart Fetish Fart Smelling Experience

My 21 year old sister Asha's fart is like an aphrodisiac for me. Her ass is really sexy, not too big, not too small but round and shaped like a sex pot. And the amazing sway of her buttocks, smelling her fart is a dream cum true for any fart fetish guy. Let me tell how I smelt Asha's fart.t.One day I was searching for a book in her room.Suddenly she came in and let out a huge fart right in front of me,she didnt see me soo she realeased her fart in fuull glory. Her fart smelt pungent and really raunchy;the stench it passed was magnificient. Her fart smell made my cock stand up like an iron rod in my shorts.

My sister scolded me in a half-guilt manner, "Kya re sharm nahin aati aise ladki ke room mein ghusne mein. Kya itna privacy bhi nahin dega tu mujhe( Is this the way to enter a girl's room. Can't she have any privacy?)." She knew what she had done and her red face showed that. I said sorry asha next time i will be careful.

From then onwards I had a huge crush on anal odor and the stenchy perfume it had. Soo just to get a whiff of her anal perfume i used to sneak into the toilet right after she finshed her shitting so that I could have the privilege of smellling her most private smell.Asha's farts are really very spicy masaledaar. "Rasoi ghar ki Khushboo bata deti hai ke Khana achcha paka hai" I really want to eat her hot shit sandaas bhai. I am sure she shits a huge load.i.I havent seen her shit recently but at the age of 18 i saw her turds, i reaaly didnt have a scat fetish then but even then looking at her huge turds was quite fun

Do you have a female fart smelling experience. Please share (No underage stories please, will be rejected)


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