Fart Fetish, Fart Domination and Fart Fantasy

Would you love to be a slave to have Keyra Augustina sit on your face and fart hot air on ur nose? Then yes, you have farting fetish, a harmless fetish that is an extension of ass appreciation.

Fart fetishism is known as eproctophilia. Smelling a sexy woman's farts is a fetishist attraction to her farts that is an extension of ass-worship. Fart worship of a woman can be hardcore or soft-core
1. Fart Domination: A hardcore fart fantasy is about a man agreeing to me a servile object, where a woman can plant her big round ass on his nose or face and let her fart fly to his nostrils as he inhales her fart funk. In such a fantasy,the male is usually submissive and the woman's fart is usually targeted towards the man's face, nose, ears etc. Fart domination is the closest a man can feel his woman's ass as it smashes on his nose and rubs on his face. So much that his face belongs to her ass, in fact below her ass.
2. Fart appreciation: This is a male's appreciation when a woman farts in his direction or in his presence. Instead of being repulsed, he gets a hard on and he sniff the air and tell her to do an encore if it is a sounding one. In such a thing, though the woman may not sit on his face and fart, she would still farts in his presence and watch his cock grow at the smell of her funk.
3. Fart fantasy: This is when you look at a sexy girl and wonder how kinky her farts smell and how musical her fart sound could be. If you look at a female celebrity'ass and believe that you'd do anything to and smell Kim Kardashian's eggy farts, you are definitely weaving a fart fantasy. Also find out how smelling a woman's fart can arouse your libido

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