Women Fart Fetish Smell and Erection

A woman's fart is more eggy, more offensive and more nose burning than a guy's. But smelling a sexy woman's silent but deadly farts can make your dick erect and steel hard. This is scienfically proved. This shows why some men have strong fart fetish for women.And the good news is smelling a sexy woman's fart can do give you huge erections and do wonders for your cock. The sexy wiggly ass of that hot woman can produce some real potent eggy farts that ignite your libido.

Hydrogen sulphide strongly present in women's farts can increase erections by relaxing tissues around the blood vessels and increase more blood flow to the cock. There are so many of us who secretly relish female farts and enjoying sniffing them, but wonder if we are normal. In fact, the good news is we are having a super libido if we are able to inhale the sexy essence of a woman's fart or even hear the sound of fart glory from her asshole.

The smell of hydrogen sulphide that comes out of rotten eggs, a distinct foul smell that can arouse men. Hydrogen sulphide, the harmless gas is also present in exhausts of cars with catalytic converters and the farts of women. I would gladly go for the hydrogen sulphide from a woman's asshole.“We found that hydrogen sulphide is involved in human penile erection,” The Telegraph quoted Professor Giuseppe Cirino of the University of Naples Federico II, as telling The Independent.

So the next time, the sexy lady in your office leaves a gas bomb or if your wife lets off an airy rocket from her ass, inhale the smell, feast the funky odor. Tell the farting woman that her butt hounds are sexy and healthy for your sex life. Even better is the fact that women are naturally inclined to leave silent but deadly gases which means more hydrogen sulphide for your dick. Tell your woman not leave her funk in the loo, especially when you are there. Do not let touch the air freshner, because it is her fart which is your cock raiser. Smell her farts.


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