Smell Sexy Girl Farts in Library

I was at a public library two days ago at my college. Since I am a geek, you will always find me studying. Yes, I do masturbate on my female students like a full throttle racing car but that's another story. One of those days, my exams were around the corner and I went to the library as usual to do my study thing. Suddenly out of nowhere emerged a beautiful brunette with flowing hair. She wore a light green top with matching colored skirt, and looked pretty as punch. She took the seat next to my place and immersed herself in her microbiobiolgy book. A delicate smell of perfume wafted through her body. Something in me told me that she has perhaps emeged from the bathroom having freshened up.

I was finding it tough to study because her sexy presence was making me mad. I could make out the curve of her breast, five inches away from me. Her boobs were big and soft. I found her getting up to drink some water that was in the bisleri water tank there. From the corner of my eyes, I checked out her ass. It was shaped like a heart, she had a big ass that was proportionately jutting out from her slim waist.

Soon, she came back, gave me an acknowledging smile (my heart danced) and continued studying. Her perfume smell had already made my dick semi hard. Within the next two minutes, I heard a distinct short purrrr sound that disturbed the peace..Well, not everyone was able to make it out but since I was near, I could hear her ass leaving a cute sounding fart. I could find her squirming her bum on the chair, perhaps trying to suppres her fart

But two minutes, it hit me. She left what I call a lusty smelling puski. A silent but deadly female fart, eggy in all its glory, funked up the air. It was a deadly smell that made my cock stand up and take notice. The brunette was squirming again and her eyes had a 'hope he didnt smell it look'. The smell was very potent and refused to leave the room. There were a couple of guys around sitting diagonally and I am sure they smelt it too.

Perhaps they thought it one of the guys but we know that women's farts are super eggy. Soon, after a minute, her sexy fart disappeared and peace prevailed. My cock was so hard that there was no way it could soft. One more fart from her delicious ass and I would have cum right there. For guys, who dont believe that she farted, here is more dope. The girl got up in 10 minutes and left the library and I followed her. I looked at the ass moving seducingly, I blamed that dick hardening ass for leaving the funky sulphur and even wondered how the ass would look nude. Soon, she went to the ladies toilet to the right of our college room, download a fresh set of turds. She came after a good ten minutes.

Having shat well, the 'even more beautiful now'looking brunette babe smiled at me, "Hi there, what's your name?" I told her my name and she introduced herself as Natalie. We walked downstairs talking about studies, the college, the works etc. I wanted to tell her that her farts had given me an erection, but dint bother. over the next few days, we became good friends but I thank Natalie for her sexy smelling farts that made us friends.


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