Smelling Meghna's fart: Meghna's farts are sweet puskis!

Meghna was one sexy girl I met in college, sexy, slim and beautiful. And the best thing...Meghna's ass, sexy and edible. Her ass had an undulating, sexually measured move. Every step she would take, her sexy ass as I would call in Indian language would move in a tempting manner. Her fac was really beautiful and had a lovely smile.

I was a frequent visiter to Meghna's place just like I was at Neelima's place but Meghna was much more hotter. She would wear skimpy shorts because she was very comfortable with me. One day, we were doing our normal chitchat, flirting and then our topic moved towards farts. I told her how another friend of her would tease her on farting. Meghna said, "Oh really, why doesn't she smell my farts then. She wouldnt live to tell a tale" and giggled. She told me about how her farts were really yucky. I laughed as I had an erection, I said, " I would love to enjoy your puskis Meghna.." She smiled, "What are those? silent deadly ones? my type" and giggled. I touched her shoulder,"Meghna with an ass like that, I would even inhale your farts." She laughed calling me 'sick' but I could tell that she liked the naughty, raunchy talk

And then the 'stinkable' happened a good one week later. Meghna was looking her best that day, in loose short pants. She asked me if I would like some water. I said, "yes'. She smiled as I checked her naughty, teasing ass. I drank the water and she went to wash some dishes in the kitchen with a dishwasher. I followed so that I could see more of her cute, tight, slutty 21 year old ass. I kept on flirting with her and she blushed. I was getting a hard on because Meghna's ass cheeks in those short pants were really looking tempting. I had this urge to take her, shove my dick up her ass. Just as I was talking to her while stripping her butt nude in my eyes, Meghna farted. And that sexy fart from Meghna's gaand forced me to literally sniff her fart. Meghna's fart was potent sulphur at its best. Warm and mesmerizing, Meghna's fart took my breath away. It had this savage smell of something rotten but exquisitely arousing. Since she was wearing short pants, Meghna's farts travelled freely without any obstruction and funked up the air.

Meghna looked at me and said, "You shouldnt have come here. I told you my farts are terrible." She was trying to fan the air with her hands. I made a sniffing gesture, "Aroma Meghna..aroma" I kissed her lips softly and said, "Look what you have done to me" Meghna's eyes followed my bulge in my pants. "Oh no...did my farts do that to you?" I smiled and said, "yes bitch..I am in love with ur fart...I wanna fuck ur fart, Meghna.." We both laughed and I liplock her as I grabbed her ass cheeks.

Neelima's naughty smelling farts

In my school, there was this lovely babe called Neelima, whom I flipped over. She had buttery complexioned skin and an incredible ass, round and fat. She was the woman I had a crush for. I had once danced close with her during the last year of my school and remember rubbing my hardon a her thighs. She was in love with another guy and there were quite a few boys who flipped over her. She would invite me over to her place for studies.

I would go to her place to check her out and also her mom. Her mom around mid-thirties was a MILF, absolute woman for those rauchy aunty fantasies. Though I would be really humble and respectful towards Neelima's mom, inside I was undressing her, making love to every inch of her body, imagining how ripe and sexy, she could be inside the gown. I remember masturbating those days imagining Neelima and her mom in a threesome with me. I would compare the daughter's tight teasing, sexy ass with her mom fat,plumpy slutty ass.

I remember that day very clearly, one of those days, when I got to smell the lovely fragrant and naughty smelling fart of this beautiful girl. To really smell or hear the lady of your wet dreams fart, you should make it a point to be with her frequently. Sometime or the other it will pay off and it did and how!. Neelima and I were joking about various things in our school when there was this purrrrrrrr sound, short and crisp, as if somone had pulled a zipper down. I looked at Neelima and she blushed and broke into splits of laughter. I was aroused but acted as if it was a funny joke. After another five minutes, Neelima farted again, this time the smell was nasty and pungent. She laughed, "I guess you should leave. The topic we are study is environmental pollution and I am really polluting it." I joked, " Neelima, that's really strong..u can outfart anyone " Neelima laughed, "Yes" and the smell lingered for a good two minutes. Neelima smiled, "I am amazed you are still sticking around"

While leaving, I said that I would like to use the loo for peeing. Inside, I found Neelima's mom panties. I start licking on it and masturbated myself to a quickie. I never got to hear or smell 3
her mom's farts. Neelima's farts were really special and I hope she is still around farting in some place with that same nasty fragrance.

My mom introduced me to fart fetishism

There is nothing incestuous here but then my mom had a great ass. It would sway in a teasing undulating fashion. I had always seen dad caressing my mom' s ass stealthily, groping her nether regions when I would pretend that I was playing in the other room. Though I had seen my female teacher's asses and the bums of my school girl friends in different shapes and sizes and would masturbate on them before going to bed to a dry orgasm,my mom's ass had it own abundant charm.

Once in the morning, I was going to go for school. It was morning and my lovely looking mom had prepared my toast. She was telling me to be a good boy in school, not to tease other kids, make notes etc. As she was saying, there was this deep eggy odor that seemed to fill my nostrils. Mom knew that she had polluted the air, but continued as if nothing happened. Then smiling, she gave me my bag and bade me bye.

The whole day, the nasty smell lingered in my mind. Yes, it was dirty, yes it was offensive but it had come from one of the best asses that I knew of. The beautiful-dirty feeling of her ass-fart created an erotic confusion in my adolescent mind. In the evening, when I came to my home, I saw my mom searching for something in a shelf. Her ass protruded towards me, as if talking to me. I felt guilty but at the same time, I found myself begging her to fart again and intoxicate me. But she didnt fart again. Yes, women's farts are far and few, and each moment is to be treasured, every smell to be treasured, every sound to be cherished. I used to masturbate before but the cum was dry, but that night the first time, I leaked semen. That was the magic of a woman's fart, it made me cum for the first. I thank mom for showing that all women are beautiful and their farts incredibly sexy. Later in life, I grew obessed about women with gas and I felt that every beautiful woman's ass had a voice which came in the form of a fart.I dont need a woman's fart to make me cum but yes, the thought creates erotic waves in mind. Yes, fart fetish is a perfect tribute to ass worship.

Fart Domination

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