Sunny Leone fart fantasy

What do you do when Sunny Leone farts from that big ass ? Stick your nose up her ass and smell her fart, what else ?  Sunny Leone has that sexy femdom face, a 'sniff my fart' appeal which commands you, the slave of her butt to inhale her farts. How would you like Sunny Leone's farts to be - loud and proud ones or silent but deadly 'rotten-egg' puskis that funk up the air and make your female fart loving cock hard? Would you love it if Sunny Leone farts for the camera ?

Sasha Grey Farts, sniff her kinky stinky ass gas

Sasha Grey pushes her nude ass cheeks apart and farts a stinky kinky butt wind right in your nose. Sniff it, smell the rotten-egg funk that comes with an obscene sound from her amazing junk. Push your nose right there between Sasha Grey's butt hole and plead her to fart on your face, and burn your nostrils with that smelly puski

Jennifer Love Hewitt sexy ass farts a puski

Jennifer Love Hewitt has an ass worth sniffing a fart out of. Imagine her leaving a fart and the kinky rotten egg stifling your nose. Would you sniff Jennifer Love Hewitt's puski farts ?

Katrina Kaif farting, sexy ass - funky smell

Katrina Kaif shakes her ass and farts long one with a kinky smell that burns yuor nose hair. Watch her move her butt and inhale the funky odor

Sexy Girl Pissing, Man Drinking Pee - Video Femdom

Sexy girl Dom Karin, dominating woman pissing video is so hot. She teases her slave guy and then pees in a glass and makes this man drink her piss. Urine is of course sterile and it has health benefits. Lucky is the guy who gets to drink the pee of this beautiful woman. Download this sexy girl peeing on man video

Kim Kardashian nude ass farting

Kim Kardashian farting from her nude ass, damn the wicked kinky smell is enough to smother you, the sound of her purku will be like a mating call 

Which sexy woman's fart would turn you on ?

Imagine these 3 sexy Indian women farting. Whose fart would be sexy enough to sniff ?
1. Sophie Chaudhary -The girll on the left, has  a sexy ass can leave nice loud ones and nose burning pungent puskis that can make your hard instantly.
2. Priyanka Chopra-  This sexy Indian actress can out fart anyone with long, sexy ones and the smelly ones can linger and tickle your nose with sexy cabbage smell.
3. Sunny Leone - This sexy porn star's fart is as as bold and raunchy as her own self. She can fart crispy loud ones but the silent and violent ones are real nasty, the rotten egg odor can hypnotize.

Fart Domination

Which female celebrity is the sexiest farter of 2011?

best outfit to sniff a woman's fart is

How are Kim Kardashian's farts usually?

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